What is microbevel on the flooring?

- Jan 22, 2020-

Sometimes called an eased edge or kissed edge, a micro bevel is a 45 degree cut down the sides of the floorboards. The opposite of a square-edged board, it is just a shallow hairline cut.When two microbevel floorboards meet up, the bevels create a "V" shape. When two square-edged solid wood floorboards meet up, the result is a close-to-smooth floor (we'll find out in a bit why it's not perfectly smooth). 

3 Reasons Why They Are Loved and Hated

Dirt Collector: Some homeowners hate microbevels because they collect dirt. Owners need to gently sweep in the direction of the bevels or pick up the dirt with a vacuum. But other owners like them for precisely the same reason: the channels collect dust rather than leaving it on the surface, where it can scratch.

Dimension, Shadows: Some owners love them because the shadows they create give the flooring added dimension. For them, square-edged boards are monotonous and make for a boring floor.

Cover-Up: Flooring purists may have the opposite view, criticizing microbevels as a cheap and cheesy way to make sub-standard look better. Flooring purists also don't like pre-finished flooring much, preferring site-finished (or unfinished) flooring. And that leads us to our answer: