What is packing plywood?

- Jun 27, 2019-

It’s a common usage for plywood to be used as packing materials . As for packing plywood, usually the grade of appearance of plywood is not important . In order to reduce the costs for packing, usually customers require low grade face/back veneers for packing plywood. However, some customers may also want good-looking plywood to be used for packing . Anyway, the packing plywood should be strong enough .

1. About the wood of face/back for packing plywood
Customers usually require the following face/back for packing plywood:
BB/CC grade or UTY (Utility) grade red hardwood face/back;
C/C grade pine (or poplar) face/back;
C/C grade (also can be called E/E grade) birch face/back


2. About the wood of core
The wood of the core can be poplar , hardwood or birch . But in my opinion, as for packing plywood, poplar is much more suitable and economical than hardwood and birch . However, if customers require us to use hardwood or birch for the core of packing plywood, we will do according to customers’ requirement .


3. About the glue
If the packing plywood won’t be used in wet environment, MR glue is OK . But if customers want better glue bonding strength, melamine glue can be your choice, too . A few customers may require phenolic glue for packing plywood .


Anyhow, usually manufacturers will produce packing plywood according to customers’ requirement . Any inquiries from you is welcome .