what is parquet floor

- Dec 29, 2020-

A parquet floor is a wooden floor made from many pieces of wood fitted together like a mosaic or puzzle, and it can be as large as a ballroom or as small as a bathroom. Frequently, parquet is made from different types of wood with varying grains, to create a unique and eye catching pattern. The parquetry inlay technique is also used on furniture or decorative items, especially in the Middle East and India, which have a long tradition of beautiful parquet floors and artwork.

Parquet flooring can be made from both solid, and engineered wood nowadays, although originally it would have been made from 100% solid wood.  Solid wood parquet flooring, as the name suggests is parquet flooring made from solid pieces of timber.  Engineered parquet flooring on the other hand is made from layers of different types of wood, topped by hardwood.  No matter whether you choose solid or engineered parquet flooring, the end look will be the same.