What is prefinished wood flooring?

- Apr 30, 2019-


Prefinished Hardwood Floors are very popular for many reasons. By definition, Prefinished Hardwood Flooring is when you buy boards from a company that has already sanded and finished the wood, so it comes ready to install.These floors are ideal for the do it yourselfer who wants to save time and hassle but still wants a beautiful floor.


What is a hardwood flooring finish?

A finish is a top coat (or several) that seals a hardwood floor against damage from everyday wear and tear, moisture and stains. Even if you choose to purchase unfinished flooring, it must be finished on site by you or a professional in order to protect your investment. 


What are the benefits of prefinished hardwood floors?

Flooring that is factory finished has many advantages over flooring that is finished after it's installed.

l Less time to install — prefinished flooring arrives already sanded and finished

l No drying or curing time required — prefinished hardwood floors are ready to walk on immediately after installation

l No strong odors or dust from sanding during installation

l No need to relocate your family during finishing

l Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against board defects

l Vast array of style and color options to choose from, making it less likely that you'd need to finish floors yourself to find the right one

l More style options for ends and edges (site-finished floors are typically limited to square due to sanding) 

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