what is reclaimed wood?

- Feb 03, 2021-

What Does Reclaimed Mean?

Sometimes called recycled or antique hardwood, reclaimed hardwood is simply wood that has been previously used in the making of another structure. It has been dismantled and reclaimed for another use. The wood does not necessarily have to come from old flooring. It can also be milled from old beams, trusses, barn siding, fencing, and other wood products that are ready to be reclaimed! These old woods can be nationally or locally sourced or even imported from other countries. Reclaimed Pine floors are incredibly popular, although technically pine is not a hardwood, it is classified as a soft wood. Heart pine is the most desirable, especially when talking about antique reclaimed pine floors.

How Reclaimed Flooring Is Made

Instead of being wastefully burned or sent to a landfill, old wood is delivered to a recycled flooring manufacturer. Upon arrival, it is inspected for quality and checked for embedded metal, water damage and other flaws. It is then re-sawn if needed. The new boards are kiln-dried to remove excess moisture. This reduces the risk of warping. Finally, a machine called a side matcher places tongue and groove fittings into the edges of the boards to prepare them for installation as wood flooring planks.