What is shuttering plywood

- Jul 31, 2020-

Concrete shuttering is the process of creating molds into which concrete can be poured to create finished concrete structures. The process of concrete shuttering usually involves the process of creating temporary structures and supports, though in some cases these structures and supports may be permanent. Plywood is a common material used for shuttering, and the plywood boards are supported by other pieces of wood or metal known as falsework. Metal plates can also be used for shuttering, though wood is often used to cut costs and to ease the process of creating the shuttering quickly and effectively.

The plywood used for concrete shuttering must be treated properly; most plywood sheets are water resistant to avoid warping, cracking, and rot while they are in place and supporting concrete. Broad sheets of plywood are usually used to create a flat, smooth surface once the concrete has set. Plywood can be manipulated or cut easily to create various shapes, thereby making it a versatile material for concrete shuttering. In some cases, the plywood can be reused as long as it is not damaged during the shuttering process. The plywood must be stored in a cool, dry location, and the sheets must be cleaned thoroughly after use.