What is the difference between a multi-layer solid wood floor and a three-layer solid wood floor?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Three-layer solid wood flooring: good wood elasticity, comfortable foot feeling, good warmth, natural color and stable structure, which represents the current trend of international flooring.

Multi-layer solid wood floor: It adopts pre-stress design, criss-crossing of each layer of template, good stability, low shrinkage and wetness rate, natural color, good wood elasticity, comfortable foot feeling and high cost performance. It is the development trend of wood flooring in the future.

Three-layer solid wood composite flooring: mainly looking at the cutting surface, which is facing this side of the people. The three-layer solid wood composite floor is composed of three layers of the surface plate, the base material and the bottom plate. It is a three-layer structure instead of three wooden boards stacked together. (This is a misunderstanding). First look at the board (also known as the tree species), the board is divided into one layer and two layers, the thickness of a board is generally 4mm, and the two layers are 2mm + 2mm. When we look at the floor, we will see that most of them are four layers. The top two layers are actually 2mm+2mm. The middle substrate and the bottom plate were made of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, the substrate thickness was 9 mm, and the thickness of the bottom plate was 2 mm. Together, the thickness of the three-layer solid wood floor is 15mm.