What is the most durable hardwood flooring?

- Apr 02, 2020-

Here are some examples of the most durable hardwood floor wood species. These will stand up to wear, if you take care of the finish. Some happen to be beautiful woods to look at, which is also important.

Make sure you know what you're looking to get out of a floor prior to choosing flooring material. It helps to consult with a hardwood flooring installation experts prior to choosing flooring. That way, you'll know what is going to work best and where.

Woods with a similar rating include American Beech, Ash, Tasmanian and White Oak. White Oak happens to also be a very popular wood for flooring.

  1. Red oak is rated about 1300 and is generally considered about the minimum you want in hardwood flooring. Any softer and it won't stand up to much, so this is about a good entry point. You can get softer, of course; some people like the "distressed" aesthetic, and a few dings, dents and scratches won't compromise the structural integrity of your floor.

  2. Bamboo, depending on how its made can be in the 900 to 1300 range for typical bamboo boards but up to 3000 for a strand-woven composite. For standard construction bamboo, spend a little more to get quality boards with a durable finish; those will last.

  3. Zebrawood, an African hardwood with a very distinctive grain - people either love it or hate it, and it rarely gets stained too much because the owner wants to look at it - is rated about 1575. Hardy and wonderful to look at.

  4. Hard maple and sugar maple woods have Janka ratings of 1450. A little harder than Red oak, both take a finish rather well and are fine choices for the typical home.

  5. Domestic walnut has a Janka hardness around 1000. While on the softer side, a good finish and some care will give you decades. Cherry has a similar hardness rating, but - like walnut - can last and is very attractive with a good finish.

  6. Hickory is very hard, at 1820, and has a very distinct grain. As a result, it is a very hardy, durable flooring but some don't care for the appearance.

  7. Pine is a popular choice due to expense, but at Janka rating of 620 to 900 requires a good finish to be durable.

  8. Brazilian walnut, however, has a Janka rating of 3680. It takes high-traffic very well, has a gorgeous figure and as such doesn't usually get stained as much as sealed, so you can enjoy the gorgeous appearance. It is a very popular flooring wood, and for good reason.