What is wide plank flooring

- Aug 05, 2020-

A wide flooring board is usually defined as anything as wider than 5-6 inches. Some options are much wider than that, however: The widest boards are typically 10-12 inches (custom projects may go beyond that, but this is rare). Wide boards also tend to have correspondingly long lengths, too – 7 to 10 feet at the least. They are most often made from natural woods instead of engineered wood.

Wide boards are growing in popularity for several reasons. First, when it comes to natural hardwoods, a wide board is better for showing off their innate beauty and the intricacies of the grain. Second, fewer cracks in the floor mean fewer issues with long-term gaps and similar problems. Third, these wide boards are useful for both cabin-like interior design and minimalistic, ultra-modern settings, especially when it comes to larger rooms. They are easy on the eyes and can even change the apparent size or shape of a room.


However, wide boards are not suitable for every wood flooring project. As you can imagine, they are a bit more difficult to install in small spaces or areas with odd corners. When used in tiny rooms or positioned strangely, their design doesn't work out well, either, which is why getting advice from a home design expert is important when choosing wider boards. Finally, wide boards can be more costly to both produce and install, which means you may be facing higher prices.