what is wood venner

- Jul 18, 2020-

Hardwood veneer is a wood product made from hardwood, wood which comes from trees classified as angiosperms. Hardwoods tend to grow more slowly than other types of trees, developing very dense, closely grained wood as a result, and this type of wood is prized because of its high quality, durability, and beauty. It is also very expensive to use hardwood, which explains the market for hardwood veneer, a less costly product with some of the same aesthetic benefits as solid 

hardwood.Veneers consist of thin strips of wood overlaid across a backing made from less expensive wood products. Hardwood veneer can be installed over plywood, particleboard, and a variety of other products. Veneers can also be used for inlay; for example, thin strips of one type of hardwood might be inlaid into a cabinet made from solid hardwood pieces which come from another species of tree.