What kind of material is good for solid wood flooring?

- Aug 21, 2018-

There are many kinds of solid wood flooring materials, price comparison of common wood species are: longan, white wax wood, oak, disc beans, diamond teak (locust), two-winged beans, maple, elm and so on, these are conventional wood species. Some of the more valuable wood species are Myanmar teak, Yahua pear, Chicken Wing wood, acid branch, red sandalwood, sandalwood and so on. How do we choose among so many kinds of wood? Solid wood flooring is also called log flooring, referring to a whole piece of wood processing. Common wood species on the market has been selected out of more than 5000 kinds of wood suitable for floor materials, do the floor material needs to have the following functions: good stability, hardness and wood density to a certain extent, long-term use is not easy to crack.

The production and processing of solid wood flooring has been decades of time, and now the common wood on the market has been proven to be more suitable for floor materials. But different materials are still different, the difference lies in wood hardness, density, stability, corrosion resistance, aesthetic value and the precious degree of raw materials, these factors affect the price of different materials floor. Home decoration can be used to choose the general material, these material stability is very good, knowledge hardness and density is not as big as the precious material. Economically affordable timber has longan, white wax, maple, etc., medium-sized materials have oak, disc beans, locust, elm, Erwinged beans and other materials. Luxurious decoration can choose valuable materials such as heavy ant wood, Yahua pear, Myanmar teak, sour branches, sandalwood and other materials.

Selection process

Why are there many different prices for the same material? This is the process of flooring. Processing includes floor monolithic specifications, processing accuracy, painting process, material use level, such as the use of wood core material suitable for the sapwood price will be different. The general standard of selection is good, and 610 and 910 are standard.

Solid wood flooring technology is mainly divided into two kinds of technology: planar solid wood flooring and antique solid wood flooring. Planar solid wood flooring looks simple and suitable for matching with modern style. Ancient solid wood flooring can adapt to various styles. Antique flooring is generally more wear-resistant and dirty than planar flooring, and it will be better than planar flooring. The paint process is mainly matte paint and glossy varnish. Dumb paint is more wear-resistant, if the light is better home will look brighter, but not good hygiene easily dirty.