Which is better, Wood flooring or Tile?

- May 08, 2019-

high grade nature oak parquet floor2 

There are two kinds of common ground materials, wood floor and ceramic tile. There are great differences between them. If you want to know which one is better. Let’s do some comparison from function, environmental protection and replacement.


heat-insulating property: Wood flooring retains heat better than ceramic tilt because of its slow heat conduction. Wood flooring brings a feeling of warm, comfortable. While ceramic brings a feeling of cold, uncomfortable especially in winter.

Visual sense: Wood flooring has beautiful grain and color which is close to nature. And the ceramic tile gives a more rigid feeling.

Maintenance: For both wooden floor and tile, you might pay same time and effort when doing a common cleaning.

As the wood floor has crevice, oil water can do serious harm to the floor when entering the wood floor crevice. For ceramic tile there is almost no harm.

Anti-slip: Children and old people are easy to take a tumble, due to their mischievous and active behavior and the inconvenient movement of the elderly. Therefore, the damage of tiles to the elderly is undoubtedly much more serious than that of the wooden floor.

Environmental protection:

It is an fact that formaldehyde is a strong carcinogen, especially for pregnant women and children.

Whether E1 or E0 floor, there is formaldehyde release, and the only difference is the amount of release is different. While formaldehyde is harmful to human health, especially for children who like to crawl and play on the floor.

Although ceramic tiles are naturally radioactive and harmful to the human body,  most of them have reached the limits of national health standards recently. So the risk of disease is not high.


Wood floor replacement is relatively easier: when you need to renovate or want to change another wooden floor or tile, the replacement of the wooden floor is easier, and it can be used twice for the free glue wood floor.

Tile replacement is relatively laborious: it is not easy to change the ground. If you do not remove the original tile, it will occupy the indoor height space. It is very time-consuming and laborious to remove it, which is more difficult than laying tiles.