Why choose oak flooring?

- Nov 08, 2019-

Oak flooring is a very common wood floor and is very popular with people. Oak flooring is always trending because of so many factors. Next, i will do some introduction of this beautiful floor.

 oak flooring (1)

1, oak flooring has a bright mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture;That makes rooms with oak flooring easy to decorate because it blends well with many decorating styles. As the years go by, your oak flooring will deepen with rich detail, worn, weathered, classic and timeless and increase the value of a property. 

oak flooring (2)

2, Oak flooring has excellent toughness and is very easy to work with. Craftsman like to make into various curved shapes according to requirements. It increases the aesthetic feeling of the finished product.

oak flooring (3)

3, Oak flooring has high durability and wear-resistance. Even if your flooring is laid in the heavy foot traffic place, minor scuffs and scrapes will not be noticeable, and signs of wear won’t surface easily either.

oak flooring (4)

4, Oak flooring is one of the most structurally stable wood products on the market. Characteristics like being naturally resistant to fungus and insect infestation means oak flooring is not prone to degradation. You can expect your oak flooring to have a lifespan of 25-years plus when treated correctly. 

oak flooring (5)

5, Oak flooring has high grade. It shows a sense of sedate, but the price is lower compared with more exotic woods like maple, hickory and black walnut.