Why do people like to choose gray wood floors?

- Nov 27, 2019-

In general when purchasing wood floor, people prefer the light-colored floor as it is easy to match with the furniture and looks more bright and refreshing. However light-colored floor has a disadvantage, which is that it is very non-dirty. But if a high-graded gray floor is selected, this problem is solved. Because it is not only resistant to dirty but also has beautiful texture improving the whole space style!

 gray floor

Black and white gray system is very classic. Black brings a kind of mysterious and cool feeling, plus white an elegant and light color. Mix and match both colors can create more levels of change, with the whole light-colored decorative and wooden dining table, make the overall style more trend highlight the personality

 gray floor3 (2)

Many people like simple style. The white wall makes a feeling of clean. With the wooden dining table and the display cabinet in the room and the gray ground covered with the striped carpet, it appears harmonious and warm making people feel very free.

 gray floor3 (1)

When the gray floor is combined with the gray furniture, the gray floor is decorated with a bright-colored pillow, so that the layering sense of the space color is fully highlighted. The outstanding color difference is also designed with full and fashionable design, and is popular with the young people who pursue freedom and personality.