Why is rustic grade flooring so popular?

- Jul 30, 2019-

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Rustic grade wood floors are the most natural form of wood. It is also known as a CD grade that is characterized by mineral streaks, a large number of knots and wide variation of colors. 

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Rustic grade floors are made up of carefully selected materials to achieve a certain look which is not possible with any other type of grade. This flooring doesn’t look uniform, which is a unique feature that is not found in any of the other grades. Due to a large number of knots, there is wide variation in color.

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Rustic hardwood flooring is relatively cheap compared to other grades. If you are on a budget, rustic grade wood floors are an excellent way to cut down the cost of flooring.

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From knots to holes, this is what gives character to your wood flooring installation. Rustic grade wood floors have the capability to bring warmth and personality to any space. It enables you to achieve the most authentic look for your house.