why to choose walnut flooring?

- Apr 22, 2020-

  • Walnut is a durable wood, often lasting for generations. This wood is extremely resistant to insect damage. The process of processing it ensures prevention of damage due to water. People who reside in areas of high humidity will definitely benefit by installing walnut flooring.

  • Most hardwoods need to be mopped, and in the course of doing this they become damaged. If water seeps inside them, they are likely to become creaky and develop mould. This may result in rotting. In contrast, a walnut floor is a low-maintenance floor, which doesn’t require need-based mopping. The best part about walnut is that it is resistant to water damage and mold.

  • It is easy to install a walnut floor compared to other types of wood flooring. If you want to install it yourself, then you can buy the planks from suppliers. These planks are readily available. All you have to do is fit them together to create an entire wooden floor. You don’t have to worry about the wood becoming damaged because the process of treating this wood after it is harvested is pretty intensive thus giving it strength.

  • Walnut wood is dark in color, although variations do occur. Over time floors accumulate dust and dirt. Although the dark color of the wood will not immediately show the dirt it is wise to clean it regularly. Walnut floors can be easily cleaned in order to prevent any grime build up. You can use light oil instead of wax to keep it looking fresh. It is maintained easily – all you need is a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

  • The rich, chocolate tone of the floor exudes warmth and gives a classic feel. If your furniture is also of dark colored wood, then this will look really great on your walnut flooring. However, it also compliments light colored furniture, making it versatile enough to fit in with any home décor. The wood will show discrepancies in color throughout, making it even more interesting.

  • If you want to alter its color slightly, you will be surprised to know that walnut takes stain very well.

  • Homeowners often look for variety in order to match the floor with the rest of their interior décor. Walnut offers this, as its color can be changed depending on the manufacturing process. So you can find purplish-brown to dark brown tones. Many homeowners use Brazilian Walnut, which has a deep tone. Its grain is straighter and it has great resilience to temperature and bug infestation. So, basically, you have two choices for walnut flooring – standard walnut wood and Brazilian Walnut wood.