Why wood flooring has insects?

- May 21, 2019-

Wood flooring is a good choice for many people to decorate their home. In addition to natural and pollution-free feature, it can upgrade your house. Wood flooring has the characteristics of beautiful texture of wood, warm in winter and cool in summer and brings a comfortable feet felling when walking on it. However, there are also some people will have some concerns and do not dare to use wood flooring. Because wood flooring may have insects.


Why wood flooring has insects?

First, it is the technological problem of the wood flooring itself. In fact, the wood flooring passed by the general quality inspection will not have insect, which requires us to go to the regular place to buy the floor when we choose the floor. It is better to ask a professional test for inspection before purchasing


Second, Lack of insecticidal treatment. When decorating a house, we will use a lot of wood boards, particle board and other materials, as well as a lot of wood structure furniture. There will be easy to grow insects when the house has a suitable temperature and humidity.


Third, there is a problem with wood keel. Many people ignore the quality of wood keel when laying wood flooring. If its water content is high and it has not been processed at high temperature, there will be insects or eggs.


How to prevent insects?

First, prevent moisture. The main reason for the pest is that the floor is wet and gives the hotbed for bug growth. Once you find that there are insects on the floor at home, you must immediately prevent moisture and then find professionals to do moisture-proof treatment.


Second, do more floor inspection. You can spray some insecticidal agent, eliminate potential insect eggs, or sprinkle a layer of carbon ash, charcoal or pepper on the ground before lay the wood flooring to prevent insects.