Can wood flooring be used in the kitchen?

- Mar 13, 2019-

kitchen flooring2

Generally speaking, we usually use wood flooring for our sitting room and bedroom, but seldom for our kitchen. For kitchen we use tiles or marble because we want to clean floor easily.  

But today, more and more people seek out the warm and natural look that only comes with wood. Can wood flooring be chosen in the kitchen? Actually it indeed can. 

Maintain the unity of the style

If people use wood flooring for their sitting room they would like to use wood flooring for their kitchen too, especially when open kitchen is widely used. So the style of decoration could keep the same. What’s more, it can improve the taste lever  

More safe

As we all know, kitchen is area with water and oil often. Compare to tiles wood flooring is more anti-slip, which brings more safety for people especially for children and old people.  

Nice feeling of foot

When walking on the wood flooring, the feeling of foot is more comfortable as the wood flooring is more resilient. 

Not all of wood flooring can be used in the kitchen. Choose engineered wood flooring not solid wood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is much more durable and able to withstand changes in temperature, humidity and moisture far better than solid wood flooring.  This is because of its special construction.  On the surface it looks just like solid wood, as the top layer of the plank is actually real wood, underneath is layers of plywood to give it its dimensional strength and stability.  Engineered hardwood flooring is a great alternative to solid wood flooring as it is more durable, less costly and still gives the timeless character and feel of a solid wood floor.

If you do decide to install engineered wood flooring into your kitchen, then you will still need to be careful and wipe away any water spills. By doing so you reduce the risk of the standing water possibly penetrating and damaging the floor's surface.