Wood Flooring Types / Species

- Feb 23, 2021-

Wood Flooring Types / Species

  • Oak: The most popular type of wood flooring in the U.S., Oak is known for its warmth, character, and variation. Red Oak, White Oak, domestic, imported—you’ve got options. 

  • Maple: Maple is also a popular domestic option. It’s much lighter and can be a bit more difficult to stain than oak, but it’s a harder wood with a great natural look.

  • Walnut: Rich and dark, walnut is known for its chocolate-colored grain and luxurious appearance. 

  • Hickory: Varied, complex, and hard, hickory is a great option if you want to really showcase your floor’s intricate detail.

  • Bamboo: With its totally unique look, the bamboo flooring is both eco-friendly and one of the most durable flooring options around. 

  • Cork: Technically speaking, cork flooring is actually a composite flooring made of bark—but it’s pressed into planks and installed just like other solid hardwoods.