Amazing Parquet Floors

- Nov 26, 2019-

parquet floors (2)

Parquet floors with delicate texture, elegant lines, natural and a wide variety of paving methods has become a very good choice for a healthy life. According to the different materials and colors beautiful patterns can be formed, expressing the beauty of nature, the beauty of life, and exude charming of space.

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Parquet floors’ beauty exists not only in appearance, but also in the high quality process of technology. According to different tree species, texture, using technology of carving, engraving, grinding and etc to make floor piece by piece carefully.  And the visual effect is more active, round, supple, and full of personality.

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Herringbone parquet is a classical style, which can make the monotonous ground produce three-dimensional feeling. Paving floors with different colors or wood species, can present vivid and interesting parquet effect. No matter what specification, parquet floors can show their own beauty.

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The advantage of square parquet is to create an unusual visual direction by changing the direction, and to make the space even more open while the special aesthetic feeling is made. This parquet has very strong adaptability, can present a deep and slightly different decorative effect and can meet the aesthetic taste of the modern people.