Attention Should Be Paid To Floor Maintenance

- Aug 21, 2018-

Climately speaking, the south is wet and rainy, generally speaking, the choice of ceramic tile effect will be better, later use is not so troublesome, but for those who have installed wooden floors, to deal with these delicate wooden floors, or dessert, especially the need to do a good job is home dehumidification.

First, select the floor matters needing attention.

1. floor water content: Generally speaking, dealers in the floor should have a "moisture content tester".

The international standard of floor moisture content is 8%-13%; the difference of floor moisture content between the same specifications and materials is about (+2%) is qualified.

2. floor paint: the paint film is clean and smooth, no bubbles, no paint on the surface, and good abrasion resistance. In addition, by adding color to the floor surface, it can reduce the chromatic aberration and cover the surface defects.

The paint surface is divided into rolling paint and spraying paint, and the quality is different, and the cost of the same thickness of the film and finish is quite different. Therefore, the fullness of the color board, paint plate and paint film is your first choice.

3. Floor processing accuracy: take out about 8 pieces of open box, assemble them with bare hands, observe whether there is a gap between the bite and the adjacent plates, such as strict seam, feel no obvious height difference.

The floor paving specifications can be used as reference: the floor is fitted like this, and the family is more comfortable.

4. Material inspection: first of all, to confirm whether the same kind of wood, whether the floor has dead joints, cracking, decay, mold and so on.

As for the floor color difference, the festival is reasonable, a little color difference and uneven patterns are inevitable natural wood products, these natural colors, patterns as long as the reasonable combination of pavement, there is still a sense of returning to nature.