Daily Maintain

- Jan 28, 2019-


to maintain the flooring in your house by yourself, no need professional tools or raw material

SALT  is the first raw material we use for maintain


if any oil spots, or dirts on floor, do not clean at once, please put some salt on firstly, after 10 or 15 seconds, clean by cotton rags

if any broken eggs on floor, put some salt on, wait for one or two minutes, clean by wet cotton rags!


if you want to wash the floor by wet mops, but do not want any water spots left on floor, then put some salt in warm water! after clean the floor, all water will be evaporated in short time! 


The salt water have been proved with sound bacteriostasis and bactericidal actio! 5

the white vinegar and Baking Soda also the good partner to clean dirty spots


mixed 30mm white vinegar , 20g baking soda and 1L warm water, put a little bit liquid detergent, can clean the oil spots, dust very well!


you will find the floor very clear looking, not cloudy or obscure


Lemon with nicotinic acid and organic acid , have very strong  bactericidal effect.


you could mixed lemon juice,Olive oil and water, make yourself special detergent。 

with better smell and can clean the besmirch in short time.


escpeailly for flooring maintain, lemon juice, olive oil can avoid the flooring crack problems, make sure the flooring always shine like a smile!