Dark Wood Floors Advantages

- Mar 02, 2021-

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Dark hardwood floors have a deep, rich, dramatic look that makes them popular in many homes.

Mahogany, cherry, walnut, oak, hickory, ash, and other dark hardwood floors have a strong impression of beauty and luxury that most homeowners love. The dark colors convey a sense of gravitas to a home or a given room. 


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Consider the benefits of installing a dark hardwood floor:

Does not fade easily: Unlike light colored hardwood floors that fade quickly when continuously exposed to the sun, dark hardwood floors tend to resist fading for a long time.

This makes dark hardwood flooring the best option for rooms where a lot of sunlight is let in.

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They don’t show dirt: Dark hardwood floors hide dirt and grime unless the debris is light colored. This can allow you to go longer times without dusting, mopping, or vacuuming — which is especially valuable if you find these tasks tedious.

Although regular cleaning keeps hardwood floors in good shape, cleaning on a daily basis can be a tough, repetitive task.

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Increases value of a home: Many homebuyers are attracted to properties with dark hardwood floors as compared to those with light colored floors.

This is due to the strong sense of style and class attached to dark floors. It is therefore the best option if you are planning to resell your home.

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Dramatically beautiful: Dark colors enhances wood’s natural character, bringing unique style and a powerful je ne sais quoi to a home.

The dark, natural color suits every traditional décor and also blends well with modern designs.

Less wear and tear: Dark floors do well in high traffic, busy areas such as offices and traffic corridors.

Most dark hardwood floor species are literally strong and tough, and are thus resistant to daily wear and tear.

Finally, compared to light colored floors, dark floors requires less staining and refinishing to look their best.