Differences Between Solid Wood And Engineered Wood Flooring

- Oct 28, 2019-

There  are large amount of solid wood and engineered wood flooring in the market. What are the differences between them? Let's take a look from structure  and features.

 engineered vs solid wood floor1

  • Engineered hardwood is manufactured from three or more layers of plywood bonded with real wood on top layer under heat and pressure.Solid hardwood is milled from a real hardwood species, making it the sole material used in the making of this type of flooring.

engineered vs solid wood floor13 (1)

  • Engineered hardwood is more stab because of its “multiple-ply plank” construction while solid wood is relative easy to get expanded warped and cupping if exposed to humidity changes.

engineered vs solid wood floor13 (2)

  • Engineered hardwood  flooring shows the same character variations as solid hardwood flooring as they’re both made from natural materials. Solid and engineered hardwood can be either clean and uniform or rustic with lots of character–it simply depends on the style and grade of material of your product.