F17 Grade Plywood

- Sep 16, 2019-

F17 Grade Plywood

F17 Grade Plywood is a type of film faced plywood that is used in Australia. The F17 Grade Plywood is the number one in world building industry. This standard is benchmark standards. It should have a stress grading of F17. The panel sheet should be made with hardwood and A-Bond, which is good phenol glue for the bonding.

There is a increasing demand for the F17 formply in Australian construction industry. A lot of new projects is going on in the city of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Any kind of concrete formwork will require a lot of consumption of F17 formply, which is certified by Australian authority.

F17 plywood


1) lightweight: better be used for high building and bridge construction

2) No warp, no distortin, no cleft, well water -resistant, long playing used and recycled

3) Do concrete: beautiful and slippy surface, take out the  second  plaster, which can save 30% 

working times

4) cauterization-resistant, the concrete surface with no polluting

5) well heat preservation, in favor winter construction

6) well construction capability

7). Re-use many times: It can be used for many times if stocked correctly

8). Good thermal insulation: It is good for construction in Winter that it can be used as 

template for curved surface.

9). Good construction performance: It is better than bamboo plywood and small 

China is emerging as a major supplier of the world’s film faced plywood. This is mainly because of the abundant forest resources of this country. It makes the plywood business profitable by using the indigenous poplar and hardwood. The phenolic coated film is essential for making a good concrete plywood sheet.