Four Types Of Plywood

- Aug 21, 2018-

Plywood is made of wood segments by rotary cutting into veneer or wood planing into thin wood, and then glued with adhesive. There are many kinds of products, and the application of major industries is extremely extensive and complex. In order to rationally utilize forest resources to develop plywood production, according to the use of plywood wrenches, the national standards formulated in China divide the plywood into four types, and divide their respective application areas.

1, general plywood: suitable for packaging, padding and other uses;

2, veneer decorative plywood: used as building, furniture, vehicles, ships and other advanced decorative materials;

3. Painting plywood: Used for furniture, sewing machine table board and various electrical appliances shell which need to be coated with transparent paint.

4. Decoration plywood: used as decoration materials for building, furniture, vehicles and ships.