High-end Pursuit, Walnut Hardwood Floors

- Oct 21, 2019-

American walnut smooth herringbone parquet engineered wood flooring4

More and more people prefer black walnut floor, which is a precious wood in the United States and South America. It takes about 50 years from growth to maturity. It is produced in commercial forests in various parts of the eastern and southern American states.

The wood has smooth surface with a luster without any special smell, and its texture is straight and the structure is fine and uniform. The chopped veneer of black walnut is often used in the construction of woodwork and high-class classroom furniture. Because it is a dark tree species and has good elasticity, it is also very suitable for the surface of tables and chairs. Traditional veneer can be used for piano surfaces and interior finishes for mid- to high-end cars.

walnut wooden chevron fishbone engineered wood flooring1

Most of walnut grow in the Americas. The climate in this region mainly belongs to the temperate and sub-cold climate types, especially the sub-cold zone. The continental climate dominates. The general characteristics of the continental climate are cold in winter and lowest in January. Warm in summer, July. It is the hottest month; the temperature is relatively poor year; the annual precipitation is moderate, suitable for wood growth. Also because of this climatic reason, the density of black walnut is large.

Black Walnut has excellent paint and dye properties and gives a superb finish after polishing. Black walnut has good dimensional stability and is rated as the most resistant to corrosion of wood, even in the most corrosive environment.


Black walnut is durable and not easy to crack, and can withstand the baptism of the years.

These unique features make the value of black walnut high, so the 100% solid wood flooring made of black walnut is naturally more valuable than other flooring.