How To Choose Solid Wood Flooring?

- Aug 21, 2018-

The new house decoration needs to buy the floor. Is it really nice to pick up a good floor to buy it? That doesn't work. You have to consider whether the floor matches the style and color of the house. According to the actual situation of their home to choose the appropriate floor.

1 solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood after drying. It has the natural growth of wood texture, can play a warm winter and cool summer role, feet feel comfortable, is the bedroom, living room, study floor decoration ideal material.

How to choose solid wood flooring?

1. don't overdo the pursuit of valuable timber.

The wood species of solid wood flooring are directly related to their prices, especially those of some valuable timber. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to the variety of timber and its authenticity, in order to prevent businessmen from using ordinary timber as valuable timber or well-known timber. Choose solid wood flooring, the key is still to moderate, appropriate, cost-effective, and indoor furniture and other colors with good visual sense.

2. do not blindly pursue floor hardness.

Generally speaking, high density wood hardness, relatively wear-resistant, and high density wood is often prone to cracking and other defects, and foot feeling is not necessarily comfortable.