How To Match The Floor Color?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Floor, as the bearing of the entire home's ground vision, of course, to assume the responsibility of coordinating with other furniture - as long as the appropriate collocation, the overall effect of the home immediately dawdling up the value of Oh, then how to collocate with the color of the floor?

1: Choose the floor color according to the lighting condition, the room with insufficient lighting, the floor color is mainly high brightness; Good lighting room, floor color can be freely chosen.

2: According to the choice of color visual effect, color will affect the visual effect of people, warm tone for expansion color, cold tone for contraction color. Therefore, the small area of the room should choose the cool colors of dark tones to make people feel more extensive. On the contrary, large rooms can choose warm colors.

3: Choose according to the color of furniture, because floor decoration belongs to permanent decoration, so choose a more neutral color. Light-colored furniture can be arbitrarily combined with dark and light-colored floors, but dark-colored furniture and dark-colored floors should be matched with extra care to avoid the "dark" depression.

4: match with wall color.

The floor and the wall occupy the biggest color of the room, and the collocation between them can not be ignored.