How To Pave The Wood Flooring On Stairs?

- Feb 19, 2020-

Using wood flooring to decorate stairs gives your house not only a good effect but also a mild feeling. While what should we pay attention when pave the wood flooring on the stairs. Let’s take a look.

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Compared with tile, wood flooring is better to be used on the stairs. As Wood flooring is more anti-slip than tile. And wood flooring has a better foot feeling. More and more people would like to use laminated engineered or solid wood flooring to pave stairs.

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The first step to pave the stairs is to level the ground. It is recommended to measure the smoothness of the stairs. If the error per meter exceeds 3mm, it is necessary to find a professional master.

Next is to install, but need to pay attention to the order. It is suggested to pave from the bottom to up, so that you can check the pressure of the stairs by the way.

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When installing the floors, cutting is another important thing. If the drawing line is not standard, the stitching seam will be too large when cutting. If the workers cut inaccurately, which will also make the flooring unbeautiful after the installation of the stairs.