Is Black Floor Suitable For Your Home?

- Nov 13, 2019-

The Nordic style is highly regarded for its simple aesthetic. In the home decoration  using classic black-and-white color just follows this style. With a black wooden floor and contrasting white furniture, there is a simple beauty that shocks the mind.

 black floor (3)

Black is a very personality color, and someone might think it's too boring to lay on the ground. No, in fact, the black floor is very beautiful, especially with metal-edged furniture or doors, which can give you a high degree of elegance. However, the black wood floor has demand in light, and is suitable for room which has good day lighting.

 black floor (1)

Black floor can create a very fashionable and modern feeling. If you want to be conservative in design, then the wall can consider to choose white and the sofa can choose color-shaped  outstanding. If you can accept some trendy things, then you can choose dark purple, this can be said to be very fashionable and the effect is also very prominent. As for the matching furniture, you can consider using white or log color which also seems to have a very modern texture at home.

 black floor (4)

Different tones will bring people different feelings. While everyone's preferences and feelings are different. So the wood floor that can make you feel physically and mentally pleasant is the most suitable.