Key Points Of Plywood Selection

- Aug 21, 2018-

The key points of selecting plywood are: 1) Choosing different kinds, grades, raw materials, decoration and width of plywood according to engineering properties, application position, environmental conditions and other factors.

2) decorate should use precious wood to cut veneer veneer plywood.

3) The construction of plywood for interior decoration shall conform to the provisions of GB50222 "Fire prevention standard for interior decoration planning".

4) The type I or II plywood should be used in the shade part which may be damp and the occasion where the water-proof requirement is high. The type I plywood should be used outdoors.

5) The decoration of the panel needs clear varnish (also known as clear oil) to preserve the natural color and pattern of the wood surface, and should focus on the selection of panel materials, markings and colors; if the markings and colors of the panel need not be considered, the grade and category of the plywood should be reasonably selected according to the environment and cost.