Noble American Walnut Flooring

- Mar 16, 2020-

American walnut, also known as black walnut, is one of the more valuable broad-leaved varieties produced in North America. It takes about 50 years to grow a walnut tree that can be used as timber. It is a kind of superior wood.

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Black walnut is mainly located in the central and eastern regions of America. A suitable climate also help to produce the best quality black walnut wood. Walnuts wood here is dense and grown slowly. After natural growth, the height can reach 40 meters and the diameter can be 1 meter thick. The floor made of these black walnut wood is resistant to decay, not easy to crack,very delicate and smooth.

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American black walnuts flooring are very beautiful. It is darker and chocolate-colored, ranging from pale purple to dark brown, and mixed with various shades of dark brown. It has clear and beautiful large mountain patterns, and curves that other trees do not have, such as waves, scrolls, clogs, tiny nail-sized "bird-pick marks" stitches.

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Black walnut wood flooring is natural environmental protection, healthy and durable, revealing the beauty of nature and primitive, and has the function of maintaining value.

Noble American Walnut Flooring (1)