Pay Attention To The Selection Of Plywood.

- Aug 21, 2018-

The wood grain of adjacent plywood veneer is "vertical" to each other, and the number of layers is odd. We should pay attention to some places when selecting it, so as to select a satisfactory plywood.

1. appearance: choose the surface board clean, smooth, clear grain, and the glue layer can not be bubbling and delamination. Avoid the selection of surface stitching, seam separation, stacking and core lamination. Plywood greater than 6 mm should also be judged whether the warpage is beyond the standard, the warpage of the special board should not exceed 0.5%, the first and second board should not exceed 1%, the third board should not exceed 2%.

2. size: do not buy Plywood with thickness, weight and weight.

3. Formaldehyde emission: The state prohibits the sale of formaldehyde emission of more than 5.0mg/L plate for interior decoration, this should be understood clearly.

4. bonding strength: a knife can be used to pry the plywood along the adhesive layer to observe the traces of wood remaining on the adhesive layer. If more wood remains on the peeling surface, indicating that the quality of plywood is better, such as the veneer of plywood peeling along the glue layer, glue surface can not see the residual wood, prove that the strength of the wood has not been fully developed and the glue layer has been destroyed, so the bonding strength is poor.