Popular Colors For Wood Flooring In 2021

- Mar 08, 2021-

1. Dark and cool toned hardwoods

color trend (4)

Cool tones are strongly preferred. There is a strong move away from warmer tones (e.g. red

s, red/brown blends or yellow undertones) and a preference towards browns that are more pure and cooler. Cool tones are preferred both the walls (especially grays) and floors, and these work hand in hand together.

2. Gray and gray blends (including charcoals, greiges and brown/grays)

color trend (1)Gray flooring has been on the rise, and you can see it everywhere you go – in wood, tile that looks like wood, and gray vinyl planks that look like wood. 

3. Light, natural and muted

color trend (2)

On the opposite extreme to dark, the 2nd most popular floor choice is light – i.e. going natural. There’s a preference to drown out the yellows and go for cooler tones. 

4. Whitewashed and lightly whitewashed floors

color trend (3)

Whitewashes are back, and they’ve rapidly grown in popularity.The whitewashes of today are more matte and many are more subtle in character. They work best on white oak for a modern look. The mineral streaks give the wood a more linear look for a contemporary style vs the heavy graining on red oak which has a more traditional look (and pinkish undertones).