The Quality Of Plywood Is Very Important

- Aug 21, 2018-

Before plywood pressing, we should pay attention to two parts: good sizing and slab aging. Too much glue, high cost; and the glue layer is too thick, internal stress increases, together with simple glue penetration; glue too small, not conducive to glue moistening, glue layer will be incomplete. The aging time should be suitable for climate change. The core board should be finished and the core board should be laminated and sewn off.  We should pay attention to the pressure and speed of the rubber strip, and pay more attention to the moisture content in the special slab.

In addition, new technology and equipment, such as the use of high-efficiency jet veneer dryer, core board seam machine, core board leveling machine, to complete sizing, blanking, pre-pressing, hot-pressing joint operations, the selection of mechanical loading and unloading, fast closing hot press, etc., can accurately control the technological conditions, so that product quality is more assured.

Veneer quality, especially its appearance, has great influence on bonding strength. Veneer quality should be paid attention to satisfactorily in the preparation of wood section and veneer peeling process. Wood softening treatment should be well carried out, and the peeling conditions should be well controlled so that the veneer guidelines are in the best value. At the same time, the moisture content and flatness of veneer should be paid attention to.