Three Methods Of Emergency Treatment For Floor Wetting

- Aug 21, 2018-

It's been raining heavily in the south for days and careless owners forget to close the windows, which turns the house into a fish pond. How can the floor that has been dampened be saved from being replaced? Three ways to deal with floor dampness, so that the floor can not be reloaded.

First trick: dry the rag to dry the water.

If the floor is sprinkled with a small amount of water, and the stay time is not long, just dry the floor with a dry rag. Because the amount of water is small, and the time is short, water will not penetrate into the floor interior, the impact on the floor is not great, there is no need for excessive tension.

The second recruit: drain the water and separate the air conditioner.

If the wood floor is not very serious water immersion, the application of dry rags and other rapid surface of the floor moisture drying, and then vacuum from the joint of the floor cracks will be water vapor suction. If the water immersion area is not large, can be opened to the cold air drier to dry the gap, if the water immersion area is large, the floor surface after the water absorption, the door and window tightly, the air conditioning to the lowest temperature, adjust the air conditioning refrigeration time, generally within a day can be dry the floor.

The third move: bleaching water against mildew.

If the floor is not treated in time after dampness, it is easy to grow moldy spots, and will be a large area of moldy after a long time. If a small amount of mildew is found on the floor, warm bleaching water and water can be mixed in a ratio of 1:3, moisten the floor with a dishcloth until the mildew is removed. The concentration of bleach should not be too high, otherwise it will damage the floor wax. If the interior of the floor has been mildewed, it is necessary to remove the mildewed floor, replaced with a new floor, so as not to infect other intact floor.