What Is Click Flooring

- Aug 18, 2020-

Click (or lock) flooring is a relatively new type of wood flooring option.  Essentially a way of covering existing flooring (but not uneven wood floors or carpet), it gets its name from the fact that the boards used in its construction process “click” (or lock) together, removing the need for fixing using nails, staples or glue.  In fact, click (or lock) flooring is often portrayed as one of the simplest, most straightforward ways of installing a wooden floor, particularly on a DIY basis.

There are several click (or lock) systems available on the market, the majority of which are made of either laminate or engineered boards.  One of the biggest attractions of click (or lock) flooring is its apparent ease of installation.  The clever marketing of this product, which shows it as incredibly simple and easy to install, has made it particularly attractive to the DIY market.