Why People Like Engineered Wood Flooring

- Oct 17, 2019-

Eco-friendly uv oiled oak engineered wood flooring6

Engineered wood flooring is manufactured together with real wood on top layer and 3 layer or more layers plywood beneath. The core of the engineered wood consists of other wood materials pressed in layers. The core can contain up to ten different plywood and pressed composite wood layers. Layers have the wood grain laid perpendicular layer, by layer.Compared with other floors, engineered wood flooring has many advantages.


Engineered wood flooring only requires one layer of real wood on top layer, generally 3/8 to 3/4 thick which help to save wood conserve the forests all over the world.


Engineered wood flooring like solid wood flooring can last several lifetimes.Most engineered wood flooring consists of a thick top layer of wood, which can be sanded down and refinished many times.

Moisture Vulnerability

Engineered wood flooring has been explicitly manufactured to resist moisture. Manufacturers maintain that engineered wood construction processes include enough heat and pressure force to limit the room for moisture.


Well-maintained engineered wood flooring should only ever require wood vacuuming, soft-cloth sweeping and washing. It should never require wet-mop washing. If a liquid is spilled on engineered wood flooring, you should never use a wet mop and bucket to clean the floor. All liquids should be absorbed quickly with towels or paper towels to ensure the liquid does not have a chance to the seep into the flooring. Although the surface time is longer for liquids to absorb into engineered wood, in comparison to wood planks; both are still wood products, and fluids will eventually seep into them.