Why The Floor Cracks

- Aug 21, 2018-

Many customers who want to buy solid wood floors are worried about the cracking of solid wood floors. People who like to play with wood know that the most worrying and worrying thing is the cracking of wood. But wood cracking is a normal phenomenon, and it is not normal to keep it from cracking. And all of our ways are changing the normal picture.

General wood has moisture content, controlled at around 12% or below.  Temperature and humidity vary from place to place, and the humidity of the air is the key to determining the moisture content of wood. For example, the average annual moisture content of wood in Beijing is 11.4%, and that in Shanghai is 16%. Wenzhou and Haikou are even higher, reaching 17.3%. When wood is in contact with air, it absorbs moisture from the air.  In order to balance the moisture content of the solid wood floor with that of the air, the dry air constantly absorbs moisture from the floor, so that both sides reach a balance. In this process, it will naturally crack.

No cracking wood does not exist, even the cement bars will shrink.  Generally, mahogany belongs to dead cell tree, which will crack slightly, but will not burst and break through. Although the impact is not large, but mahogany furniture should pay attention to maintenance.

Many customers encounter cracks on the floor to the merchant theory, it is a blemish. In fact, cracking is a natural wood release process, and it is also a natural manifestation. In general, the main reason is because of climate, temperature and humidity differences in the home, resulting in changes in wood moisture content so that cracking deformation and other reasons.

You can also raise flowers at home, fish, put a humidifier to control humidity, can prevent furniture and crafts from cracking, and some people put furniture away from the heating, this is also reasonable. There is also an old player said good, wood cracking is the natural survival of materials, do not worry, you can ignore it, through the baptism of the years, to appear the charm of the material itself.