A Training Session About Wood Flooring Knowledge

- Feb 22, 2019-

  Yesterday our company organized a training session about wood flooring knowledge.


  The speaker was the leader of the company. He had been engaged in the field of wood flooring trade for many years. And he had rich experience and professional knowledge in wood flooring. He told the employees that there were three most popular types of wood flooring in the world today. They were laminated flooring, solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. These different types of flooring had their special structures, qualities, functions, benefits and disadvantages.


  In addition, the leader introduced the staff main timbers in the world such as European oak, oak, American black walnut, Teak, Pad-auk. As for flooring surface treatments, he made some simple introduction too, for example brushed, handscraped, distressed, smoked, saw-marked, UV lacquered, UV oiled etc.

  Through this training, the staff broadened the knowledge about the wood flooring, knew more about flooring market, improved their business level and increased their service ability.