LVL Timber/Lumber For Packing/Frame/Construction

LVL Timber/Lumber For Packing/Frame/Construction

LVL Timber/Lumber for Packing/Frame/Construction Specification 1/ Material: Poplar/Pine/Eucalyptus/Pine and Eucalyptus Combi Core. 2/ Adhesive: WBP 3/ Length: 3900/ 3980/ 4000/ 4880/5000/ 5300/ 6000mm (all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized) 4/ Width: 95/220/ 225/ 230/240mm (all...

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LVL Timber/Lumber for Packing/Frame/Construction



1/   Material: Poplar/Pine/Eucalyptus/Pine and Eucalyptus Combi Core. 

2/   Adhesive: WBP 

3/  Length: 3900/ 3980/ 4000/ 4880/5000/ 5300/ 6000mm      

                  (all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized)  

4/  Width: 95/220/ 225/ 230/240mm  (all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized)  

5/  Thickness: 38/39/42/45/47mm (all the dimentions are ok to offer,they are customized)  

6/  Usage: LVL is the abbreviation for Laminated Veneer Lumber,which is primarily as structural fra    ming for residential and commercial construction and it is well suited to applications where open web steel joists and light steel beams might be considered. Others uses include scaffold planking and as flange members for some proprietary prefabricated wood I-Joists.LVL can easily be cut to length at the jobsite.  

7/  Package: Standard Export Packing,Pallet Packing with metal strips. 

8/  Container  Loading: 45-50CBM/40HQ 

9/ Edge Treatments: Painted with water proof painting.( the colour of paints are according to  clients requrments)

Hot sizes 

1/    5.9m (Length) x 47mm(Tickness) x 95mm(Width) 

2/    5.9m (Length) x 65mm (Tickness) x 95mm (Width) 

3/    5m (Length) x 42mm (Tickness) x 230mm (Width) 

4/    5m (Length) x 45mm (Tickness) x 240mm (Width)lvl5.webp


Details Informations for  LVL  

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives. It is typically used for headers, beams, rimboard, and edge-forming material. LVL offers several advantages over typical milled lumber: Made in a factory under controlled specifications, it is stronger, straighter, and more uniform. Due to its composite nature, it is much less likely than conventional lumber to warp, twist, bow, or shrink.  

1/ LVL(laminate veneer lumber), made of straight-forward log veneer, is a newfashioned man-made compound materials. 

2/ LVL(Laminated veneer lumber) is a widely used materials in decoration and construction. It can serves as framework in window, doorframe and most furniture, as package in the large type of machine, construction accessories in wooden buildings, framework used in indoor decoration, and as stair handrail and foot treadle used in buildig construction etc. 

3/ LVL(Laminated veneer lumber) is warmly welcomed by Japan, Korea, Southease Asia, MID east and Australia.


1/ Processed by the rotary-cut veneer. 
2/ It  can be arbitraried cut-off and selection of cutting sizes according to your own material conditions. 
3/ High bending strength/ High hardness/ High toughness.

1/ LVL can be sawed, sliced, chiseled eye, mortise, fixed nail and so on; 
2/ Insect prevention, anti-corrosion, fireproof, moisture resistance, including; 
3/ Strong earthquake-resistant, damping performance and resisting the fatigue generated by the periodic stress. 

1. LVL is the best alternative for wood; 
2. Mainly used in the structure which is high strength and high hardness; 
3. The best substitution of large heavy mold, packaging box, large wooden beam, steel girder and large span truss. 
4. Homes wood, low cost, quick installation.

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1. Our product include : Film Faced plywood 

                                      Commerical Plywood

                                      LVL Timber

2. We have over 15 years of rich experiences in this industry and we mainly supply to global market .

3. We have professional teams of QC, Marketing and Management .

4. We can control the production to delivery on time.

5. We have long time business cooperation with several big companies in the world.

    We excatly know what product is suit for your market.

6. Our team is stable and capable and quick response to every issue.

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